Bring Joey To Your Business

Joey Klein is one of a kind. Imagine having a world champion martial artist, business CEO, and author of The Inner Matrix speak at your company. With a style both engaging and interactive, he takes audiences on a uniquely entertaining journey that inspires, educates and produces growth.

Since 2001, Joey has been presenting internationally, leading classes, workshops, and retreats on changing core mental, emotional and physical patterns that enrich and enhance daily life. Klein’s teaching ranges from groups of all sizes to working one-on-one with CEOs and global leaders. His writings, teachings, and interviews are published in 14 countries.

Contact us and tell us about your business, your needs, and ideas. We would be happy to work with you and your team to develop a successful program that your teams will continue to talk about long after the training.

“People are often familiar with the physicality of martial arts, but at its heart, martial arts teaches the art of controlling one’s emotional and mental state so that you can be effective,” says Klein. “It takes a huge amount of self control and discipline to take that hit, remain calm, and still be thinking about your strategies for success.” – Joey Klein

When you submit this form with details or questions about your needs, we will contact you promptly to discuss. There are multiple options available for program duration and content, and we’ll work with you to customize the most appropriate approach for your company.

The compelling journey to this place
Read about Joey’s educational development that informs his wisdom, inspiration and teaching style.