Transformational Training

By aligning with an array of industries for more than a decade, Joey Klein has offered transformational guidance to employers and staff. From small to large companies, the delivery of impactful training programs is instantly applicable in many workplace arenas:

  • Increase mental clarity and sustained focus
  • Improve ability to handle the stresses of work
  • Generate more fulfillment and personal productivity
  • Enhance business productivity
  • Increase in confidence and efficacy
  • Enjoy more fulfilling professional relationships

The aptitudes to contribute capably, lead effectually, and resolve concerns quickly and accurately require skills that are enhanced by better focus. We must be able to lead ourselves as well as inspire others.

With these capacities, we increase our ability to positively impact those we care about the most – our family, our friends, our colleagues. Join Joey Klein for this powerful discovery that you are the only thing truly standing in the way of becoming an outstanding leader and attaining your vision.


  • Cultivate a vibrant culture to ensure your success
  • Define your vision and learn how to motivate yourself and others

Emotional Training

  • Train and develop your emotional capacity to achieve your goals


  • Discover the fundamental formula for successful relationships
  • Understand common relationship pitfalls and how to avoid them


  • Learn how you can contribute to a thriving workplace culture
  • Master the art of influence to inspire yourself and others to action


  • Identify concrete steps toward fulfilling a shared vision
  • Motivate yourself and others to drive beneficial results


  • Learn how to personally embrace rather than fear change
  • Practice techniques to propel your team to new heights during times of change


  • Understand and break through core mental, emotional and physical patterns
  • Build a healthy, fulfilling life professionally and personally

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Don’t just take our word for it; transformation is possible in all areas of your workplace.