Reviews from Businesses

After participating in Joey Klein sessions with colleagues, people can’t help but talk. They discuss impact and results. With renewed excitement and optimism, here’s what some businesses are saying:

“I have seen a ton of benefits ranging from better focus, less mental noise, less self-limiting beliefs to healthier lifestyle choices in nutrition and exercise. It is as if my thoughts and energy have been regulated and controlled to propel me toward my personal goals.”

“We utilized the teachings and tools to break through the negative ruts to create a more positive and productive work and home life. I highly recommend this class and believe any individual that is interested in personal growth will benefit from this material.”
—ANGELA IRVINE, Business Operations, Boeing, Portland, OR

“The Emotional Mastery training has taught me how to claim full ownership of my emotions in any circumstance. And then how to easily change my emotional state to one that can facilitate effective communication and bring a happy resolution to any conflict.”
—LEN BUCUVALAS, Blueworks Live Support, IBM, Austin, TX

“Using the provided tools, I can say my self-esteem has grown so much. This book taught me to get to know myself better, be a friend to myself, be patient with myself, LOVE myself, and put myself FIRST. I kind of knew all about these visions in my life, but never knew how to reach them and manifest them. This class taught me how.”
—NAGHMEH ZAHEDY, Liaison Engineering, Boeing, Portland, OR

The compelling journey to this place
Read about Joey’s educational development that informs his wisdom, inspiration and teaching style.